• Appeal Lawyers Toronto

    When I needed a lawyer, I had no idea where to turn to. I called some of those lawyers from the Yellow pages, but their costs were way out of my range, they just didn't seem like they had time for me. I eventually contacted the Canadian Law Society and was given 3 referral names.

    After discussing my situation with each of the Lawyers I was referred to, making sure they understood that costs were very important because money was a real issue. When costs were somewhat resolved, I had to decide who I felt really cared about me and my situation, or was I "just going to be a client". I called Mr. Bastien.

    Mr. Bastien was very understanding and helpful on the phone, he seemed to really care! His personality on the phone was very warm and inviting, I felt like I was talking to a friend. He made me feel better, just talking to him. He gave me some advise and possible options, we set up a meeting to further discuss my case. Mr. Bastien was the 3rd name on the list, 3rd choice turned out to be the charm!

    Mr. Bastien was an absolute blessing, it was as if he was there, just for me. Of all the lawyers I had to choose from, he not only stepped up to the plate and offered his help, he was the lawyer I wanted. He was the lawyer I felt safe with.

    He was very professional but at the same time he seemed "real". He not only offered professional support but emotional support too and showed me that he was sympathetic to my legal situation and as equally understanding of my financial situation. He offered payment options that worked for me, he considered my financial situation and we came to a mutual fee and payment agreement. I felt like he really cared and I was in good hands.

    Now I know a great lawyer should I ever need one again, my case is finished but I'll always have him in my life, he made such a positive impact at a very bad part of my life, I'll never forget him. I've bragged about him to everybody I know, he really is a great guy!

    I sincerely recommend Mr. Bastien 100%, he's definitely a lawyer that makes the difference!

  • Appeal Lawyers Toronto

    Mr. Bastien has provided learned insight and assistance, personal attention and a persuasive approach with others when needed.

    Ken Lagasse CA
  • Appeal Lawyers Toronto

    Thank you so much Mr. Bastien for your valuable advice, patience and caring.

    The time you took to resolve my case was done in a professional and quick manner. Lawyers like you are hard to find. All the best in the future; I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

    One highly satisfied client.