Bastien's Practice Areas

Civil Litigation, Tax Litigation, and Criminal Litigation Lawyers

When all efforts to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation have failed, litigation may be the only other recourse. Bastien's possess substantial experience in handling all aspects of the litigation process, from the initial demand letter to the final disposition of the matter. Only after carefully assessing with our clients the potential risks, benefits and costs of a particular strategy do we offer advice and assist our clients with their needs in a cost-effective manner. You are not only informed of progress at each stage of the litigation but are also consulted before the next stage of action is adopted.

Bastien's offers accomplished legal services in Corporate and Commercial litigation, dispute resolution, and general civil litigation, including:


    We represent companies, corporate directors and officers, and individuals in a wide variety of commercial disputes at all levels of federal and provincial courts and administrative tribunals in areas such as: arbitration, mediation, pre-trial litigation proceedings, breach of contract, class actions, derivative actions, oppression actions, franchisor-franchisee litigation, unfair competition, tortious interference with business relationship, shareholder disputes, fraud, Intellectual property actions relating to trademarks, copyright, patents, and confidential information, tax litigation, construction, antitrust, defamation and libel, securities regulatory and litigation matters, bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, professional negligence claims, and numerous related business torts.


    We represent individuals and corporations in mediating, arbitrating and litigating the spectrum of construction claims and disputes, including: mechanics liens and priorities, breach of trust claims, allegations of faulty construction, defects, warranties, poorly engineered materials and negligent design, as well as contractual disagreements such as work delays, stoppages and extra work, changed conditions, builders' liens, surety bond claims, toxic tort, asbestosis, hearing loss, chemical exposure, negligence, errors and omissions claims, by-law and zoning infractions, and assorted breaches of clauses in development contracts.


    Challenging wills, family law claims, probate, representation of personal representatives in judicial and non-judicial probate proceedings, including appointment, estate inventory assessments and assessment of claims.


    We represent individuals as well as corporations and corporate directors at all court levels on various tax and estates matters, including federal and provincial offenses, director's liability, voluntary and anonymous disclosure, appeals of income tax, GST and PST tax reassessments, tax remittences violations by businesses, and tax issues arising out of estate litigation.


    We have gained a great deal of in-depth knowledge of not only how academic institutions operate, but also how to best approach the unique issues which our clients often face: whether you're dealing with an unjustified poor grade, allegations of academic misconduct or academic appeals at the University level or unfair treatment of your child in her public school, we can help.


    Our administrative and regulatory practice involves appearances before provincial and federal boards, tribunals and agencies on applications and judicial reviews of matters ranging from appeals before the Financial Services Commissions, federal and provincial privacy commissions, the Human Rights Commissions, examinations and hearings before the Ontario Securities Commissions, and hearings before the College of Dentistry or the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Ontario, among others.


    We have acted on behalf of individuals and corporations, both as plaintiff and defendant's counsel, in allegations of defamation, libel and slander.


    Laws relating to businesses are complicated. In this intensely regulated climate business owners and corporate executives can easily run afoul of the Criminal Code, or quasi-criminal legislation such as those found in the Income Tax Act, The Competition Act, environmental and conservation statutes, the Securities Act, and anti-terrorism statutes, among others. We defend our clients, both individual and corporate, facing execution of search warrants, summons to go to court or hearing, or facing charges such as, Anti-trust, bribery & extortion, obstruction of justice, perjury, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, money laundering, embezzlement, conspiracy, computer crimes, securities fraud and insider trading.


    Appellate law begins where litigation ends. We represent clients in all provincial and federal appellate courts on matters coming out of administrative tribunals, criminal courts, and civil, courts such as, the commercial, tax, estate and bankruptcy courts.


    We represent clients both lay and professional in starting or defending against professional negligence allegations. We represent clients in civil and administrative law cases at every level of trial and appellate courts, and before administrative tribunals, including the Ontario Securities Commission, the Investment Dealers Association, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, and the College of Dentistry, among others.


    Class actions have been part of the law of Ontario since 1992. Our approach to class action litigation involves leading and coordinating the prosecution or defence of such actions and settlement of class actions.


    Including: stakeholder class actions, proxi fights, insider trading allegations, criminal prosecutions and Ontario Securities Commission proceedings.